Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Library:
My Portal to Other Worlds

by Jannine Margaret “JAM” Gorriceta-Rojo

Jam is my niece who lives in Burbank. She is the daughter of my cousin Jhoanna and her husband Zyrel (both librarians by trade and graduates of UP Diliman).

Jam recently got accepted in the Magnet Program (Highly Gifted - Math & Science) of Sylmar High School where she’ll be starting her 9th Grade.

Reproduced below is the piece that won Jam the Best Essay Award (Middle School Category) in the 2004 "What My Library Means to Me" Essay Contest sponsored by the Mayor's Office, Burbank City, California.

Though I can't relate to her prowess in math and science, it's good to know that others in my family have developed the insanity of taking to task the role of writer (award-winning one, at that).

And she reads books! Wow! There's hope for the future!

Proud tito and kapwang manunulat shares with you a niece's masterpiece.

I HAVE BATTLED with St. George against the evil dragon, defeated the White Witch of Narnia with Asland by my side, and aided the light against the rising of the dark. I’ve solved mysteries; escaped danger with Nancy Drew, laughed with Harry Potter, traveled back to Civil War and stayed with Emma Simpson. I helped Butler protect Artemis Fowl against fairies, been on the incredible ship the Wanderer with Brian, cried with the Baudelaires when their houses was burned down, and also traveled through India with the renowned Gandhi. I even stayed with the Greek God Zeus and had a small conversation with Marie Curie. I was riding through the Shire when I heard a voice from a distance… “The Library will be closing in 15 minutes…” I was saddened by the momentary interruption, yet excited to continue my adventure at home. The library – my portal to other worlds where I travel from the past, present and future.

The library means many things to me. It’s a nice, safe, comfortable and quiet place; perfect for studying. There are many books of various topics, magazines, and other audio-visual materials we can borrow, as well as use the computers for free. It’s an endless resource that encourages learning and development. Other times we use it as a place to meet friends.

Can you imagine a world without a paper, books and libraries? How could students and teachers do research to gain knowledge? How would new inventions be created? As a place of learning, the library helps individuals make a difference in their communities. I am truly grateful for the many benefits of having a LIBRARY.


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