Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I saw an MMDA officer on motorcycle pull over a horse drawn carriage the other day at the corner of C5 and East Service Road. It couldn’t have been for speeding, and the I don’t think you need a license to drive one of those things. Maybe the carriage wasn’t registered; I didn’t see a license plate. It can’t be for pissing on the road; humans do that all the time. Maybe it was for excessive drooling, but how much worse is that than human piss. Hell, the guy and his horse should’ve been given an award; they’ve helped the environment more than all of us in motor vehicles coughing out toxic fumes. At least horse shit’s organic.


Roasted to the point of burnt was the aroma and I’m left to wonder if that P150 cup of coffee Pope’s drinking is nothing but water seeped through java beans the color of coal. Hey, but it’s Starbucks; it must be good, right?

You can get a cup of coffee for much cheaper at some Nescafe vendo somewhere. But your order comes out too hot to drink, filled to the very top of a cup too thin to withstand the heat, making it almost impossible to pull out of that metal thing that holds tight inside that sliding door that traps your hand. P12 doesn’t give you much.

God bless the overpriced, providing cliché mood music, couches, and air-conditioning working way too hard. God bless designer caffeine, and the cups that hold them, complete with a sleeve made from “recycled” material to withstand the liquid, which isn’t so hot in the first place. God bless them for the spout that helps avoid the spillage from a cup never filled to the top. And God bless them for taking up even my fare to ride home and thus forcing me to sit through “I know right,” “Oh my God,” “Are you serious?” from the neighboring table of overly-perky, caffeine/gossip-juiced yuppies.

Piping hot, overflowing cheapness, kill me now!


Dad needs something crunchy. He asks for potato chips. Mom offers Pringles. He insists on Lays or Ruffles—potato chips! he asserts. So eat the Pringles. E potato chips ang gusto ko! Pringles are potato chips! Pause. Chippy na lang daw.


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