Sunday, May 25, 2008



This past week in China, a man was dug out of the rubble over 170 hours after the deadly earthquake. Another woman was found hours later. She had been trapped side-by-side w/ her husband. No word if he made it. For 3 minutes the country
—one-fifth of the world’s population—paused to mourn for the many who didn't make it for sure.


In Myanmar, foreign aid arrived only after the country's military officials were bribed. ASEAN leaders finally held emergency meetings to discuss post-cyclone relief plans. In a simple joint behind Katipunan in QC called Chicken Boy last Monday, 2 Jesuits from Myanmar drowned themselves in Red Horse.


Last night, at a dinner hosted by Fidelis, newly-appointed editor-in-chief of Heights, Elie, an Economics major & visual artist who I jokingly refer to as my apo, was asking the fresh graduates among us for pointers in choosing the right professors for the upcoming semester. "Oo nga pala," I said to close friend & newly hired Louis Vuitton sales representative Joey, "4th year na si Elie." "Awww," Joey said to everyone, "Lolo's apo will be graduating." "Meaning there's a possibility of her getting a job before me," I said to break the sentimentality.


My CW degree has prompted JobStreet to send me nothing but positions involving teaching basic English to Koreans. Four years ago, I was basically a signature away from enrolling in culinary school instead of the Ateneo. Last Sunday's Bulletin had something like 7 openings for chefs.


I asked my mother after dinner what would happen if I were to sweep the floor of my room tonight. She said many believed I'd be sweeping away the good luck. I searched for the broom & dustpan. What good luck?

* * *

Would like to thank the Board of Judges of the 9th Raul Locsin Awards for Student Journalism. Would also like to thank my good friend Cindy who shared the award in the Features category w/ me for our piece, "Of Pinaglabanan: The Muse of Sacrifice." The picture above was taken during the awarding. That's Cindy & I on the far right, standing among fellow winners & VIPs. More pictures here.

Happy Birthday to all my blockmates who celebrated this past week: Ria & Rocky (May 21), & Drew (May 25). The picture above taken during Paula's debut a couple of years back. Ria, the prettiest & sweetest of the lot (agree, blockmates?), is the 2nd girl from the left, seated. Rocky is the gentleman standing w/ arm outstretched on the right. Next to him are dignified Drew & the kanto boy responsible for this greeting.


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