Friday, March 31, 2006


WEDNESDAY NIGHT gave me another reminder of how old I’m getting. A blockmate, a peer, a generational equal, celebrated his 21st birthday.

Should I start saving for pension?

Before you know it, I’ll be attending blockmates’ weddings, become ninongs of their kids, testifying in wife battery trials, crying in their funerals…

Sorry. Maybe that was a little too dark.

Back to Wednesday night…

The grub was Chinese and it was pretty damn good, even if I struggled through a minor attack of food allergies. (Pucha! Scallops pala yun sa soup… akala ko itlog!)

Conversation was beyond my spectrum—digressions into Japanese pop culture—but everyone was nice. Ended the night with the videoke machine; everyone singing timeless sing-together-while-high-or-drunk classics like “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “My Sharona,” and even “Kung-fu Fighting” (shout out to my man Rocky Ong who threw it down while being pimped out with his white and apple green kicks). After I downed bottle or two, I did my best female-nasal voice ala Alanis for “Hand in My Pocket” (para sa mga may bulsa!).

GIN was “my date” (who else?) which is enough to make any situation “ the time of my life.” (IYOOOOWN OH! A little somethin’ somethin’ for the rumor mill… Apir PA-RE!)

I got worried there for a minute though when Gin and a certain Ms. Leynes had a sip of something (actually buong glass yung kay Gin) which made them a little “more happy” behind the mic. But then Edsel, the birthday boy, didn’t even drink and he started singing “I’m Too Sexy.” Surreal night, man. Blackmail videos are on my cell.

Happy birthday, Edsel! Happy 21st! Don’t worry, dude… I’ll be joining you at that number by October. (Are the grey hairs coming soon?)


Only the likes of Japs and Gin would get the next part…

Vagueness is intentional…

CLUE: Put your “triangles” in the air! And waive ‘em like you just don’t care! (Gets?)
A night of fishy beginnings…

Inviting her, taking care of her, chatting with each other…

Subliminal song dedications…

“Oh, she’s not back from the bathroom yet?”

Playful, almost flirtatious banter…

And I AM NOT A PART of the scenario I’m describing.

(Gets mo na ba?)

In the words of a scribe and a thespian from the block-formerly-known-as-E, “Play on, playa… play on!”


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