Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Left-side woes

I THOUGHT I sprained the little toe of my left foot and the entire area below it the other day. I don’t know how it happened exactly. As I was walking down the stairs of Gonzaga Hall, my left foot was planted awkwardly, then a sudden shot of pain, and I was hopping around trying to regain balance. The whole time, I was getting flashbacks to my leg fracture of a few years ago. Trauma like that tends to creep back from time to time.

I had my foot checked at the on-campus infirmary. They hadn’t noticed anything—nothing sticking out and no swelling. In between bites from their bananaque merienda (is professionalism is dead?), they wrapped up my foot and sent me off.

Commuting was no longer an option considering the difficulty in walking, so I asked the guard in front of Xavier Hall if he could find me a cab. He was helpful, delivering two cabs in 45 minutes (which is pretty good for campus standards). But the drivers of those cabs refused to go anywhere outside of Quezon City (professionalism IS dead). At 6:30PM, the guard’s shift was over so he merely bid me farewell and left me stranded (charity might be dead too).

If it weren’t for the loyalty of a great friend (thanks, Liana), I would’ve probably slept over in school. I rode with Liana to her house where the guards of the village were more adamant in finding that cab for me. I was on my way home 15 minutes later.

As soon as I got home, I iced my foot down while conducting two online interviews for next month’s Katipunan (now that’s professionalism).

The pain was still there the following day but there was no way I’d be caught dead on crutches again. And I was determined not be absent, for two days of drinking over the weekend left me behind in work. So I strapped my foot up and hobbled my way to my two classes.

I finally got to see my doctor today. After an x-ray, the doctor concluded that there was no sprain, rather a fracture near the joint where my little toe is connected to the rest of my foot (biological name unknown to this writer). Thankfully, it was a slight fracture and nothing was dislocated—everything was where it should be.

The pain will supposedly go away in two weeks; the fracture will heal in four. In the meantime, I am to wrap it up and where covered shoes while walking around on campus. Commuting is out of the question; it's going to be cabs and cars for the following month.

A lot has happened to the area from my left leg down over the years.

“You been through worse; I’m sure you can survive a broken toe,” my doctor said.

He’s right.

But sometimes I feel like I’m going back in time.


Blogger japperwocky said...

I missed you today...


YEAHHH okay na ako. :)

8:48 PM  
Blogger M.V. said...

glad to be of service to your dark sense of happiness...ill be sure to hurt for you para masaya ka...


1:24 PM  

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