Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Clearing the air

Text message: "Youre awake? And on facebook? What's become of the world?" - Marie

Facebook message (according to
April): "Putek. First I checked your blogspot to see if you wrote about how some shmuck created a facebook account using your name, but failed to see said entry. So I found myself adding this "Martin Villanueva" to see if it was really you. Hahaha" - Japs

It's a little absurd but I'm sort of touched by the "concern" expressed by these 2 individuals. At the very least, they serve as proof of the theory that you're closest friends are the 1s who know you best.

To clear the air: Yes, I have a Facebook account now. This doesn't really mean I went against what I said I wouldn't ever do. April created the account behind my back, & up until a few minutes ago, had withheld the password from me.

I won't be deleting the account now that it's made, though it might go unnoticed for weeks at a time. But I guess I'm egotistical enough to find comfort in the fact that my indifferent presence is still being felt in menial ways in venues beyond me.

So add me up. (Is that how you say it?)

* * *

Message left on Multiply: "martin, you dirty bastard. how come you never told me you were going to be the thesis coordinator? i had to find out from rica santos of all people! in the god damn grocery! you owe me a drink." - Cindy

For the record, this all went down just this past Tuesday. One minute I was half-jokingly throwing my name into the mix, the next I was emailing the Fine Arts Program officer-in-charge DM Reyes, & a few seconds later the job was mine.

So yes, I'll be handling half the Creative Writing seniors while they do their thesis/creative projects. Exie Abola is handling the other half. We've already met to discuss syllabus. Yes, I was intimidated & I was quieter & less-arrogant than usual.

Looking forward to the gig. Thanks to Sir DM for the opportunity.

No, this is not full-time. Still looking for another job other than the thesis class, as well as more freelance writing gigs other than the couple that have been thrown my way thus far.

* * *

Overheard somewhere in New Manila: "Hahahahahahahahaha!" - some tricycle driver

Yeah, that was me who bashed his head against the roof of a tricycle somewhere in New Manila last Saturday. Yeah, that was me screaming obscenities. Yeah, that was my trike driver who stopped in the middle of the road to check if I was bleeding. Yeah, the same trike driver who gave me a discount to make up for his not seeing the speed bump on the road.

Do I now have a lump on my head? Yes. Do I still feel pain? Not anymore, though I occasionally have spells of dizziness. No worries. I'll live.

* * *

Everything clear? Record straight? Good.

Viva la truth! (And go Celtics!)


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