Saturday, August 26, 2006

Week in review

Monday 21 August 2006

TODAY was a holiday because of the death anniversary of Ninoy Aquino. As much as it would have been nice to rest and reflect upon the greatness of a hero, thinking about politics and the pathetic state of our nation didn’t seem like fun nor relaxing exercises.

I spent much of the day with Mom, Chi-Chi, Kathy, and Pope (pinsan ko, hindi si Benedict). We went to the mall for a Japanese lunch in Jipan, Glorietta 4.

Two new prized processions came out of today: Up Dharma Down’s “Fragmented” record and a new sweater jacket that was extremely overpriced.

Tuesday 22 August 2006

I LOST my iPod today. When I look back at the events that transpired between the dismissal of my creative nonfiction class and the time I noticed that the front pocket of my backpack was open, I become more and more convinced that some clever asshole opened my bag while I was walking along Aurora to the LRT station and took the iPod without me noticing a thing.

I panicked at the LRT station. I became light-headed because of shock and disbelief.

Everyone was very nonchalant when I got home, as if such things were as regular as “good mornings” while commuting. They’re probably right.

Wednesday 23 August 2006

I WAS invited to the Philippine Free Press Literary Awards tonight. I didn’t go. Sarge Lacuesta is the Literary Editor of the Free Press. The introduction to one of his books says that Lacuesta doesn’t attend awardings unless he’s a winner or a finalist. I’ll take a cue from Lacuesta on this one. But truthfully, I’m just too lazy to go and feeling out of place isn’t worth the hassle.

Thursday 24 August 2006

THIS afternoon, I put my filmmaking hat back on as I began directing our group presentation for Ambeth Ocampo’s history class. I always go into such projects with ambition and enthusiasm with a natural small cloud of doubt. But given the misfortunes I experienced with Apak sa Damo (production team ko dati) in the past, that cloud of doubt feels a little bit heavier.

The first day of shooting went well. The actors—my groupmates—were responsive. We knocked out a couple of scenes swiftly. Oh no! It’s like I’m expecting something to go wrong.

Friday 25 August 2006

CONGRESS killed the latest impeachment bid last night/early this morning. A caravan containing the boxes of evidence went from the Batasan Complex to Palma Hall in the University of the Philippines-Diliman. The boxes, accompanied by various oppositionist groups, arrived in Diliman around 11AM.

I, along with other Katipunan writers, was asked to cover the situation in Diliman. Patti Rodriguez (kapwang Atenista; psych major pero dating English lit) wanted to tag along. We took a jeepney from Katipunan to Diliman after our theology class.

Palma Hall was as what I imagined the scene to be on a Friday afternoon. Groups of students were just hanging out, sitting on the floor and chatting, reading, and some even sleeping. There was no sign of a rally. It was 1PM.

We found out that everything ended an hour earlier. I hope the other writers were already on the scene when everything was going on. The only thing I could do was take pictures of the GMA Network News van as well as the leftover bandaritas from the rally scattered on the ground.

Two female UP students we talked to reminded me of how different the student culture of Diliman is compared to our culture in the Ateneo. They suggested that we should have more forums about the national situation. Patti gave the usual excuse of having to contend with the institutionalized structures of our university. They suggested that we do the forums informally within the student body. I responded in frustrated resignation that no one really shows up for those things.

Those two female UP students were very nice and extremely accommodating. Through our brief exchange, I felt so inadequate. Not only was I late in covering an important event, but I was also in the infamous “Republic of Diliman”—my dream school—while being a part of a student body so disgusted with the system that intellectual, socially-relevant discourse is absent from our formal agenda.

Fuck the system for making us feel this way! Fuck us all for allowing the system to push us aside! Putangina!


A very happy belated birthday (August 25) to "my girl" Gin! You hate admitting when you're touched or moved by something so let's just say that I hope you liked the poem I wrote for you. See you later. The cheesecake's in the car. Mom's asking if you prefer blueberry or peaches as the topping, by the way.


Hymn of Siren performed George Michael's "Endless Whisper" last night at 6underground, Makati. Rockers singing power ballads? Too bad I wasn't there. Sorry Marcee. Sorry Cindy. Bawi next time.


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