Friday, March 23, 2007

Check out a new link to the blog of young published writer and fellow Ateneo CW student Sasha Martinez.

“Because I know how talented you are … because you’re my favorite ‘Zesto girl’ … and because … well, just because … "


Blogger Sasha Martinez said...

Suman Boy,

When you said you'd link me, I had no idea it would be this... this...
spotlighted. (-_-) And here I thought I'd be silently tacked onto your sidebar.

Evil, evil: you make me sound like someone who could be footnoted. :) Cripes, I know I'm a freaking genius (HAHA) but I'm not this talented.

Zesto Girl

10:08 PM  
Blogger M.V. said...

Props must be given, my dearest Zesto Girl.

Now live up to the hype I'm giving you ... hahaha ... I know you can.

With love and admiration,
Suman Boy

7:48 PM  

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