Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Antiterrorism, Antissshhmmerrorism

A so-called antiterrorism bill was signed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo yesterday, and thus continues the hypocritical, ironic circus we like to call politics.

By law, terrorism is defined as a criminal act that “causes widespread and extraordinary fear and panic among the populace.”

Illegitimately holding on to power is not only a criminal act by law, but an immoral one in the eyes of human decency.

And “widespread” could use a little more clarification. Isn’t the fear many journalists have for their lives widespread? Isn't the fear of not having enough money to feed a family, own a home, and send one’s kids to decent schooling widespread enough?

Isn’t there already widespread fear, if not outright anger, over having these same problems for the longest time? And because of what? Insurgencies in the far south or the ones in the mountains?

Who’s the biggest terrorist here? The MILF and the like? Or the likes of GMA?

The antiterrorism bill denounces bank accounts used to launder money for terrorist groups. You mean like those who help fund the political campaigns of so many less-than-honorable candidates?

What’s a bigger act of terror than having leaders with five-digit salaries with a car collection in the double-digits, all of which worth at least seven-digits? The mathematics doesn’t add up somehow.

The aforementioned bill also gives the government the right to detain terrorist suspects without charge for three days. The president hasn’t spent a day in jail despite clear charges against her.

Under the law, there will be “no safe haven for terror in our country,” says the president. “Law-abiding Filipinos have nothing to fear in this law for it is a weapon that shall be wielded against bombers and not protestors.”

It should be noted that terror is not limited to explosives, for what is more terrifying that the face of our country’s leadership and of those loyal to her?

If law-abiding citizens are to fear nothing then the president should better have many sleepless nights. At least that’s what I hope for her own sake, for I truly can’t believe this thick-faced, pigheaded, cold-hearted front she’s putting on is doing any good to her health.

Not that I truly care.


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