Sunday, March 04, 2007

On and On, and On and On

Friday. 4:30PM. Got out from philo, dropped by a not-so-well-attended Heights Open Mic. 5PM. Went to aspirant edboard meeting, which Czar attended because of pressing issues about some senior editors possibly not graduating. 6PM. Rushed to the FA lounge to preside over general assembly for FA Fest ’08. 7PM. Supposed meeting on marketing and sales at Cantina ended up being a mini-inuman.

Saturday. 12:30AM. Finally got home, went straight to bed, with sweaty shirt and jeans still on. 5:30AM. Woke up to get to school before 7AM registration of open house for incoming freshmen. Spent morning touring students and parents around in sweltering heat. 2PM. Got home after a lunch of panis na pasta (bad catering). Worked on drama script until Lola’s birthday dinner, which was attended by a family friend and her know-it-all husband, as well as a cousin with her know-it-all husband. The beer was needed to merely survive the listening. Lola’s great grandchildren couldn’t make it so she couldn’t care less about her own party. Fell victim to her insistence for me to check on them kids.

Sunday. 1AM. Finally to bed. 6AM. Woke up. Didn’t have to, but couldn’t sleep. Too many things in my mind. Except for Tita Chi-Chi’s birthday lunch at Gerry’s, Makati, spent entire day hacking away at KATIPUNAN edboard race requirements. 9:21PM. Finally done working. Eyes are heavy. Wake up time tomorrow: 5:30AM.


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