Thursday, June 14, 2007

First Day

I don’t know why certain things people say stick to my mind, while other things I forget. Case in point, the first day of classes and the things my professors said in the attempt to be funny or smart.

These are the quotes I actually bothered to write down in my pseudo-notebook (pieces of scratch paper clipped together): “I don’t understand why but it seems like for your generation, it has become fashionable to bash the country (history professor).” “I also teach in UP so nothing surprises me anymore (theology professor).” “If I asked you to read the novels of Henry Miller, you’d say who the fuck is that (philosophy professor)?”

It’s hard and it would be unfair to pass judgment on these teachers after only the first day. I’m just relieved that even if I didn’t take advantage of the early online enlistment, I was left with teachers who don’t appear to be terrors. But it’s still way too early. They might surprise me. Hopefully not.

Senior year. People say I’m supposed get my act together, to have some sense of future in mind. My theology professor asked us to write our individual plans after graduating. I wrote in all honesty: “Wala pa akong plano.”

I don’t want to end up as a directionless bum. At the same time, I find myself overwhelmed with the urge to punch people I know who already have a five year plan towards their dream jobs. I’m just somewhat thankful that those dreams still revolve around traditional (albeit boring) paths of becoming doctors and lawyers as opposed to falling into the trap of today’s times: nursing.


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