Sunday, July 15, 2007

Week of July Press

Monday. I text all the section editors, tell them that I'm dedicating Tuesday, 1PM to 4:30, for consultations. I meant for article and/or writing staff-related problems.

Star section editor April replies: "What if my personal life is, like, affecting my performance? Like, yesterday, my dog didn't want to play w/ me, and I was like, sooo sad, you know? So I like, put off researching for my innarview, and I just did it this morning, right? How do I make myself better, or, like whatever? You want me to discuss this w/ you like, tomorrow?"

Sarcasm thankfully. Almost enough to make me quit.


Tuesday. Chips and salsa at Cantina. Kor's midafternoon treat. Chips are gone, still a lot of salsa left. I buy Chippy at Seven Eleven, bring it back to Cantina. Problem solved.

Kor wants to apply for KATIPUNAN, under HR. She asks what the job entails.

"Di ko sure. Kung may problema yung isang staffer, you have to talk to him or her ata, so that the work can still be done and sent to me."

"I can do that."

"Sige, practice... Kor, may problema ako."

"Awww. So, you like, wanna talk about it?"

"No. Not really."

"So, inom tayo?"



Saturday night. Eleventh hour of press. Behind schedule; have to sleep over. I text Niks: "niks, gising na ba kayo sundays 7am? makikiligo sana ako dyan bukas..hehe. overnight press kami ngayon".

No reply.

Sunday, 7AM. Aga's first to wake up. The rest of the edboard still asleep.

"Uwi muna ako. Babalik ako in 30 minutes."

I yawn. "Kailangan ko ng toothpaste, dude."

"Sige, sige. I'll bring." Aga leaves.

Reply from Niks finally received, read 9AM, with bad breath and oily skin: "Just read ur msg. Yes, its ok."

I take a trike to their place in Varsity Hills. Little Aly and Ariana are both downstairs—Aly in a bright red dress—playing with Daddy Je. They kiss Ninong Martin—oily skin and all.

Parang kulang ka sa tulog a,” says Je.

Oo nga e.”

Na sa taas pa si Nikki.”

I go up, Lola greets me at the door.

Niks greets me. “Sorry late yung reply ko. Slept early last night.”

“OK lang.”

Na sa CR pa si Cory.”

Sige lang. I’ll wait.”

Nakita mo yung inaanak mo sa baba?


“Birthday niya ngayon. Nakalimutan mo, no?

“Ay shit. Oo nga, no?” Pause. “Ano meron? Spaghetti? Fried chicken? Ice cream?”

Wala. Kahapon pa yun.”

Ay. Sayang.” Pause. "Pahiram ng towel."


Back at the "office." Twenty-seventh hour of press. Aga finally returns.

"Sorry, natulog ako sa dorm. Kailangan mo pa ng toothpaste?"


Twenty-eighth hour of press. Poet cum head photog Nikay counts with her fingers with April.

"What're you doing?"

"Writing photo captions."

"Why you counting?"

"Syllables. Para haiku ang dating."


Twenty-ninth hour of press. All sections assoc-closed. I'm drained.

"Can I go home now?"

"Actually na-close mo na lahat, so puwede," says EIC Aeli.

"Yey." About to stand up, flop back onto chair. "Teka lang. Gathering energy muna. Parañaque pa ako. Layo."

Energy drink: Coke—my third can of the day.


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