Thursday, June 14, 2007


Mga Atenista! Allow me this momentary lapse into KATIPUNAN associate editor mode. We have two new staffs that need staffers.
Travel is our new section. Wala pang official section editor so under my watch (hence, my face sa poster). We are also looking for writers for our other sections (in order of urgency): News & Current Affairs, Science & Technology, Art & Lifestyle.
Applicants will have to fill out standard form and writing cluster test. The editor of the particular staff you're applying for will also have specific requirements including an interview and a sample article. I will also be reviewing sample articles and will likely ask for a final interview before accepting applicant.
We are also now looking for photographers. Nikay Paredes is (or will be) our photo editor.
Leave a message or email if interested or kung may tanong. Salamat.


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