Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ateneo Loses ...

... and order's restored in the world for everyone who loves seeing the Blue Eagles shot down, especially by abled arrows from a university up in Taft. And so ends the most Filipino of all escapisms, the one thing that unites professors and students in the desire for free cuts, the one thing that actually gets people talking outside of petty issues like an impending dress code. And yes, it's that dress code that will now take over campus chit-chat again, tomorrow being October 1, the supposed beginning of implementation in the original plans before "student uprising" -- Arneow-style. And I sort of remember someone telling me about October being the month when seniors are supposed to take another hack at this online enlistment thing, meaning it's the eve of another AISIS system crash, which means a lot more petty whining.

Chris Tiu played his last UAAP game for the University today, and it's unfortunate how the season ended for him, as well as for fellow senior Ford Arao (graduating na ba?). When I was a freshman, Ford Arao couldn't run faster than a dude on crutches nor jump over a piece of paper. It's the same still, but somehow he's been giving steady double-digit scoring and close to that in rebounding. When I was a freshman, one of the key plays that lost us an Ateneo-La Salle game was a missed wide open lay-up by Chris Tiu, who at the time was an easy target of mockery because of that estringent commercial. The next year he left for London, and I began questioning the guy's dedication. This year, he emerged as a leader, and essentially the team's star, finishing games off cuz he's just so calm in that way. JC Intal missed Ateneo's last shot against UST last year; Chris Tiu missed Ateneo's last shot today. You live and die with your stars. You wouldn't want it any other way.

So as reality sets in, we all come to realize that we have to shape up. I have my thesis due on Tuesday; a long test and another paper due the day after. My finals week will spill over to the week of the 16th, after which I'm hoping to be an "epal" at the Ateneo National Workshop. (Didn't apply cuz was told that I wasn't allowed to. Congrats to Drew, Khaye, and Migoy.) Then somewhere in between is the KATIPUNAN evaluation seminar (and I'm only going if in Manila or in Baguio) and Twiggy's arrival from Dumaguete. Oh yeah, Justine's in town -- and I'm not even sure if I'm going to be able to see her. (Oh, and rumor has it I'm turning 22 on the 23rd.)

Last two minutes -- before 6:30PM, according to my clock. I plan to begin studying at that time; my phone's off to rid myself of distractions. Beside my computer screen are my theo notes mocking me. April's the only message box open on my YM -- she's in charge of keeping me awake to do work. Next to my chair are my blue Chucks, waiting just in case this dress code thing actually happens. Dad's driving home from the golf course, where he got in nine holes before watching the game in the clubhouse over beers with Tito Rene. At least they're happy.

And so it's actually past 6:30PM now. The janitors of Araneta are doing there thing while players in blue and white are hopefully drying their tears. Move on. Moving on. Shit. Work.


Blogger sarj said...

Ford Arao is in my batch.

Random useless information.

3:31 PM  
Blogger M.V. said...

i doubt it.

nandun na yun nung freshman pa ako.


random rebutal:p

7:50 AM  

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