Thursday, September 20, 2007

Of Employment

Guidance counselors took over our theo class yesterday to relay the results of some test about our work habits which we took sometime in June. I didn’t score particularly well in anything, save for a 52 under a subsection call “managerial,” which means that in my future place of employment I’d sort of like a position of control. My lowest score was a 0.7 in “religion,” which makes sense cuz I’ve always thought God had bigger problems in the world than looking out for the comfort of some fuck in the workplace after He had already given this fuck 20 or so years of food and shelter and good education on top of that.

So in a test that’s supposed to narrow down our choices for future places of employment, my results are pointing me to a life of bumming—or at least that’s what the concern of the counselors told me (“Uh…Martin…maybe you should schedule an interview with us at the counselor’s office”).

The way I explain my results: I think I’m just so ready for a life where I might not be completely content with my work, and I’m sort of OK with that. I think I could handle a lot of different types of jobs and I think I’ll think of them as such—just work, to put food on the table and to plug the holes on the roof of my future shack. I’ll pursue my little petty inclinations that I love on the side, after I take off my fucking neck tie or when I finally get home at sunrise after hours upon hours of sitting in front of a computer and pretending to sound like some guy up in Seattle or something.

Incidentally, I got my first “job offer” last week. Ad agency. The lady I met was the creative director or something and was apparently impressed by the “seriousness” in my projected indifference in answering her questions about my future plans. When I left, she gave her business card to my dad and requested future meetings with me, cuz apparently this company sees value in answers like “I don’t know” or “I’m cautiously carefree” to questions relating to after graduation. Is this the kind of company you’d want to work for?


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