Monday, September 03, 2007

Contribute, 'tenista!

HEIGHTS - Call for Contributions
Submit written works such as short stories, poems, essays and alternative genres in Filipino and English. Visual artworks such as drawings, paintings, photos in both traditonal and digital media are also accepted.
Submit your works to the Heights Office at the Publications Room, G-206, 2/F, Gonzaga Hall, Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU).
Deadline: Friday 21 September 2007.
Contribution forms available at the Heights Office, the Heights Promoboard along Edsa Walk at ADMU, or can be downloaded at
For more information, please send an email to or you can email me, Martin Villanueva, English Staff, at
Contribute na, 'tenista!
"Suportahan ang panitikan at sining biswal sa pagapapasa ng inyong mga gawa..." - JPaul Marasigan, Editor-in-Chief 2007-'08, Heights


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But this disagreeable sensation, which occurs also in dreams, does not preclude the existence of a wish; every one has wishes which he would not like to tell to others, which he does not want to admit even to himself.. It was evident that the master worked, and that afforded a probability that the scholars worked too.. I hope you are well? Elder Brown extended his hand fervidly.. Hotchkiss only confirmed his own impressions of the alleged lover--a serious-minded, practically abstracted man--abstentive of youthful society, and the last man apparently capable of levity of the affections or serious flirtation.. He, too, had seen the apparition.. He once heard a lecture of mine delivered to a small assemblage, on the novel subject of the dream as the fulfillment of a wish.. The analysis also introduced the reminiscence of a naughty janitor's boy, who used to play with us children on the meadow in front of the house; I would add that his name was Philip.. The curtain went up on the first act of A Magnolia Flower , revealing a typical Southern plantation scene.. We have said that from the nature of the association mechanism the dream process more easily takes possession of recent or indifferent material which has not yet been seized by the waking mental activity; and by reason of the censor it transfers the psychic intensity from the important but also disagreeable to the indifferent material.. The reviving liquor passed his lips. Her hat was trimmed with a narrow-striped silk of the same colors--maroon and white--and in her hand she held a parasol that matched her dress.. Would he be as self-sacrificing as before, postponing his own ease and comfort to the public good, or would he have become more sedentary, and less fond of circumambulating the school-room with a switch over his shoulder? Many were fain to hope he might have learned to smoke during the summer, an accomplishment which would probably have moderated his energy not a little, and disposed him rather to reverie than to action.. I know not how the entanglement took place but so it was.. Hence it is replaced by another one: I should like to enjoy something free of cost.. Te wing! he cried, highly incensed, vat I pe do mit te wing? Mein Gott! do you take me for a shicken? No--oh, no! I replied, much alarmed; you are no chicken--certainly not.. Edward and Caroline exchanged glances, and could not refrain from looking wistfully at their mother, on whose countenance a shade of regret was very apparent.. The tone was hysterical. The twenty-one kreuzers correspond with the three weeks which remained from the day of the dream to the end of the school term, and thus to the end of the treatment.. You are better fitted than I to manage its expenditure.. You must take us as you find us, ma'am, continued Mrs...

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