Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Reading list (UPDATED)

Could no longer stand the puff-pieceness of Hornby's 31 Songs; shifted yesterday to rats gone astray, rampant disease, death because of it, widespread panic, denial, solace in the idea of suicide ... nothing like a second go-around with Camus' The Plague to keep it real.

Twigs is in town. Drinking with everyone's favorite happy-goth last night as well as with minotaurs Sha (and her mini-Moleskine), Pancho (Astroboy notebook missing), and Khaye. Joel (bigger Moleskine in tote) was there, too.

Ma'am Marj has an event this Friday in Serendra. I heard orgasmic accounts about the Fully Booked there. I'm likely to finish The Plague by then. Hope I can get some cash soon. I don't think I'll be able to resist Friday's temptation. Don't want to resist.


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