Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sa Set ng "Multo ng Kahapon"

We were given the choice to either write a paper or make a film as our final group project for history class. My group, consisting of four economics majors and this one creative writing guy, chose to do a film (though I pushed hard for what I thought was the easier route--paper!).
So the better part of September weekends were spent shooting Multo ng Kahapon, our film about the comfort women during the Japanese Occupation. I took directing credit and shared the byline of the script.
Below are some random pics from our shoot taken by groupmate Abu Magbanua. They're telling of how amateur we were.
(Nikki couldn't remember his lines; Chill constantly needing to feed them to him.)
(Chill and I spent a better part of the shoot waiting around for actors to show up.)

(She's supposed to be dead, by the way.)
(I didn't know my groupmates well, so I couldn't be as direct and surly as I would've liked. Notice the forced smile.) (Lighting: not bad for amateurs. In preparation for a rape scene. Krista was supposed to look nonchalant in an eerie way.) (Japanese soldier stabbing comfort women cuz he didn't come ..? Hey, I didn't do the research.)

(Epitome of pathetic: amateur equipment means having to record voiceovers using the camera, and doing so in the bathroom cuz it's the quietest spot we could find.)

We screened the film last week. Our abilities didn't do script justice. Oh well. Good thing hardly anyone save for our professor attended the screening.


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