Thursday, November 01, 2007

It's after Halloween...

...the start of November; thousands of my countrymen are in cemeteries (hopefully dry but I hear rain from outside my window); millions of kids are taking off capes, wiping off make up while their dentists wait for their teeth to rot; hundreds of my fellow schoolmates continue to pray for the best as they take a hack at this online enlistment thing.

Among those I've spoken with, Japs, Drew, and I are the ones who survived the two days allotted for the seniors' enlistment. Many will call us out on our stupidity; I like to draw on labels like 'sacrificial lambs' or 'purists' -- or 'keepin' it old school' if we go a hip-hop route.

Xander's probably in front of a computer right now, YM messages pathworking his screen, cellphone inbox filled with FA inquiries. I wonder if April got that painting class she wanted. Sha seems to be buggin' about wanting an English elective AISIS won't let her have.

I've heard stories about students going miles in the wee hours to find an internet cafe to do this. Somewhere in Basilan an Atenean looks for wi-fi next to the grave of his lolo. No one benefits from this. We're all going to have to line up anyway regardless. Why add complications to an already painful process?

They say it's easier on the AISIS people, as if clicking on classes was too hard of a service to render -- isn't this what they volunteered for? And now we have entire blogs dedicated to hatred towards them; I've never seen a group of people so desperate to be despised.

As for people like Japs, Drew, and I, we'll make do with the old process, which wasn't so bad to begin with. We'll take those hours we would've spent in front of a computer to enlist. We'll use them for something more satisfying. We'll save ourselves the trouble.

And now the three of us -- and I'm sure quite a few more -- sit around with our fingers crossed, hoping there will be Philo and Theo classes in English left; hoping most juniors won't be interested in taking Fiction under Krip Yuson, or that Vince has still got some space for my third go-around with him in Poetry.

If not, how does an elective in Chinese Medicine sound, Japs? Drew -- Math 19 na lang tayo, dude.


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