Friday, July 11, 2008


My desk at the office is divided into 8 sections. On the top-left corner are 2 books: User-Friendly Marketing Research (from a co-worker) & A Designer’s Research Manual (from my boss). To the left are 2 teaching-related stacks—1 w/ tomorrow’s lesson plan, students’ workshop pieces, & readings waiting to be photocopied, the other w/ notes sent to me about depression & suicide, stuff I’m supposed to familiarize myself w/ as part of a committee for student welfare & development. To the right of these 2 stacks is survival central: hand wash, bottled water, a mug, a pack of instant coffee, & a box of tissue (no beer; I’m not cool). Below this area is where a printout of my latest short story (finished yesterday) awaits revising. Below it is where my elliptical mouse is, along w/ the iPod, cellphone charger, McDo tissue, & old 7-11 plastic bags. To the left is where MacBook sits, to its left my planner (yes, I use a planner now), a pen, a Sharpie, & a my cellphone, all on top of a printout of  my freelance assignment from a magazine. Above this section, right below where all the marketing books are (everyone still w/ me), are 2 books about the printing process/business, draft proposals I’ve been working on (to be presented to the DOT some time in August), the resumé of a writer I’m going to hire for a project, & Daniel Keyes’ Flowers for Algernon (w/c I like & plan on finishing tonight). The point is I’m juggling many things but I find myself bored w/ nothing to do right now cuz I’ve done everything that needs to be done for the week—so bored that I’m describing the 8 sections of my desk. (Is it really 8? I lost count.) I must be either good at handling all this or everything I’ve done so far is subpar. Work picks up next week when I start interviewing interns for my project team. As for now, easy muna.


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