Monday, July 28, 2008

State of the reading nation

A client requested at least 15 articles; my talented team & I bust out 19. Today, they reject 3, & give their 2 cents: "Although the articles were exquisitely written, I suggest that the composition of the articles be simpler taking into consideration its target audience. Most of the sentences were too long w/c I think makes people lose interest in reading the whole article as it becomes tiring to read. It could also make the sentence quite confusing."

I showed this to my co-worker who has read many of these sentences that're "too long" & "quite confusing." She said, "Wala yan. Kailangan lang nila mag-comment para lang may ginawa sila kunwari."

Now I shall change semi-colons into periods & capitalize the first letter of each 2nd clause -- likely enough to make them think I agreed w/ their comments.


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