Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why being pa-cute & "helping" doesn't help

In an attempt to be playful, a co-worker accidentally spilled her coffee all over my desk (yes, this MacBook included) & my polo shirt. She was holding on to a cup when she attempted to poke me w/ the same hand, not realizing that she hadn't finished her coffee yet. Of course she apologized; of course I withheld obscenities until I was in the bathroom, cleaning myself. 

I'm interviewing applicants for internships later; good thing my undershirt today isn't really an undershirt, but a decent plain earth-tone T-shirt, which, luckily, matches my pants.

When I went back to my desk, I pulled out all the stops to remove the stickiness & coffee smell -- water, alcohol, Lysol, tissue, rag, & more tissue. Behind my back, as a means of "helping," a co-worker placed a waste basket by my chair so that I could dispose of the used tissue. Not seeing it, I turned & tripped over the thing, almost falling to the floor.

And that was the beginning of my day. How'd yours go?


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