Friday, April 21, 2006

THE BLIND MUSICIANS that I always see in the MRT stations have always intrested me. I had always noticed how they seemed to be a part of an organized group, uniformed in their standard white polos and black slacks while singing songs of Michael Learns to Rock and the like.

Earlier, while roaming around Farmer's Market, I found the group's tambayan-slash-office. It is situated in a secluded area on the fourth floor of the mall, next to the Puyat Sports bowling alley and where numerous cellphone stalls stand.

It wasn't much. The blind men and women, all of old age, sat individually on various monobloc chairs. They're together but act as if isolated, none of them really conversing. I don't know how it's like to be blind, but maybe these men and women didn't even know that they were amongst others.

The area was somewhat closed-off by a table where the group's leader (not blind) sat. She is probably the one who organizes and schedules the shifts (or sets, if you will) of the ten or so performers behind her. Kumbaga, parang manager or booker siya.

I couldn't help but notice a sense of loneliness in the area. Everyone was isolated, and they--as a group--seemed isolated from the rest of the mall. I suppose they all look forward to when it becomes their turn to take the short walk to the MRT station to perform. Those situations, while singing "Paint My Love" or something, are their moments to shine.

Thankfully, they can't see the many who just pass by them without noticing. Thankfully, all they can do is hear the few who drop coins in their guitar cases.

11:32am Friday 21 April 06
McDonald's, Farmer's Market, Cubao
(Cattleya notebook)


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