Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Embassy Guerilla

IT’S BEEN a tiring but productive day.

Went to Manila Bay, the US Embassy, and Intramuros to get a bulk of the shots for the documentary my group is doing for Ambeth Ocampo’s history class.

It was at the US Embassy that I had run-in with security. The plan was for me to get some shots of the long line outside the embassy where people await to attend to their visa or green card applications. Apparently that’s not allowed.

I was approached by security. I quickly flashed my press pass. Unfortunately, press—local or foreign—is prohibited from taking camera shots of the compound without permission from embassy officials.

I got back into the car, made a U-turn, pointed my camera out the car window and still got my shots (or the best shots I could get) while slowly driving by the embassy. Guerilla filmmaking is a wonderful thing.


Tomorrow will be a homecoming of sorts. I’ve been invited to speak to the junior batch of my former high school about college life. To corrupt minds or not to corrupt minds? That is the question.


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