Sunday, September 17, 2006

Week in review

Monday 11 September 2006

WHAT significance do the signatures of 100 students and faculty members hold in the realm of national interest? This was the question I asked myself as I covered a mass/candle vigil against the People’s Initiative on campus this afternoon.

When Japs asked one of the organizers what they were going to do with the signatures after, the person said that they were going to maybe leave it out on display. Great.

I’m sorry. My pessimism runs deep.

Tuesday 12 September 2006

LOW-KEY day. Both classes were kind of boring. Karla (prof sa Creative Nonfiction) had to leave class early, leaving us with a writing exercise about family. More angst-driven writing for me.

Wednesday 13 September 2006

IAN Casocot left me a message on my blog asking for a copy of “He’d Rather Be Relevant.” He published it on a web site full of this year’s Palanca-winning works.

The layout of the site’s pretty cool, complete with black-and-white photos of the writers. Casocot used my “maangas” head shot taken by either Marcee or Cindy back during freshman year. The arrogance of the photo matches the swagger of the piece, I suppose.

Thursday 14 September 2006

WENT to school early because Japs, Gin, and I were supposed to have lunch in Manang’s. Japs couldn’t make it. But it ended up being a Block E reunion of sorts with Ria, Marcee, Cindy, Lee, Carmel, and Leigh in attendance. Pepe (roommate ni Leigh) was there as well.

Have a lot planned for tomorrow. I’d like to think that today was a quiet prelude.

Friday 15 September 2006

WENT to Heights Open Mic Night where Cindy, Drew, and I hung out for a bit with Audrey (Editor-in-Chief), Fidelis (Associate English Editor), Louise (English Editor), and other Heightsers. Fidelis read my hand and said something about a meaningful marriage in my future that won’t last. I actually believed her.

Cindy, Drew, and I then went on to watch Gin’s basketball game. Unfortunately, her team, WBC, lost to YFC’s team.

The four of us went on to Kublais for a couple of bottles. We were joined by Marcee and Japs. We all then had a late McDo dinner.

Cindy, Drew, Gin, and I ended the night with an impromptu drive to Antipolo for no other reason but a few minutes of cool air, disrupted views of the city, and picture-taking in the dark.

It was 3AM by the time I got home.

Saturday 16 September 2006

FIVE hours of sleep later and I found myself in Gateway, Cubao waiting for Vince Serrano (prof sa poetry) and some others to go to Quiapo. Vince, Vica (anak ng teatro), Diane (pol-sci), Rocky (kapwang manunulat), Rocky’s friend, and I took the LRT to Recto. We then walked towards Quiapo along Quezon Boulevard, making more than a few stops to check out the CDs being sold.

We met up with Ada after she had already lost her bag, argued with a policeman, cried, and sought help at the Quiapo Church. She joined us penniless so Vince and I acted like good Samaritans to her for the rest of the day. Well, at least I did…I shared my lunch with her but Vince refused to share his two huge bottles of Chinese beer that he bought while we were in Binondo.

Later in the afternoon, Ada and I ended up sitting across from a fortune teller who screwed us over for P500. We both got vague, generic readings, and I got a small love charm thing which the fortune teller eventually charged me P100 for.

Pure stupidity. But good times, good times (di ba Ada?).

The fortune teller said that my heart’s with two different people and echoed Fidelis’ prediction of a failed marriage. Matters of the heart inevitably become cheesy, but the truth has never smelled so bad.


Hymn of Siren's first record, "Foreplay", drops tomorrow. CDs available along the Kostka Extension in the Ateneo de Manila University. This is part of the Ateneo Musician's Pool's (AMP) tie-up with the Ateneo Management Association (AMA).

Congrats to Marcee and Cindy!


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