Sunday, October 15, 2006


THERE’S something very stressfully encouraging about the end of the semester. A buckle-down attitude sets upon students who have yet given in to the resignation of failing.

Quietness besieges usually loud terrain, like along the hallways, in the classrooms, and even on Yahoo Messenger. The library becomes a venue for studying as opposed to sleeping. (But a nap in the middle of reading the “Phenomenology of Knowledge” doesn’t hurt.)

Fronts of chic frivolity and cool indifference shed to reveal young minds at work, hearts that care, souls with inherent drive. (We're all so uncool!)

It’s not the most enjoyable time of the year: late nights become obligatory and stressful; those barely out of their teens have blood pressures of 80-year-old pork addicts.

But the end of the semester proves that the world of the modern youth isn’t so much of a waste land after all.

I went on a studying exile at the Rizal Library yesterday. I found a comfortable nook by the window in the Filipiniana Section.

When I managed to ignore the sickening bureaucracy represented by the signage of the Manny V. Pangilinan Student Center for Leadership, I could actually appreciate the gentle sunlight pouring in, the view of trees, courtyards, and handsome brick.

That night, as status messages ranged in terror from the generic “busy,” to “OP-manizing,” to “buzz at your own risk,” to a single name that needs no explanation: “dacanay” (condolences Japs), I “struggled” through describing the poetics in three poems I wrote about Quiapo, and “stressed” over arranging the pieces for my nonfiction portfolio.

To help the process along, I got my “Joaquin” on with my third bottle—its amber tint and cool, bitter contents extracting hazy creativity.

I ended the day by having a phone conversation (which brought me to 2AM early this morning) with someone who needed to be cared for and who I feel I truly care for more than anyone else (that’s the truth, Ms. A.L.).

Realization hit: my life doesn’t suck.


Good luck sa finals week mga kapwang Atenista!


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