Wednesday, September 20, 2006

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Journey to Justice
By Martin Villanueva
September 2006

NORMALCY could be deceiving. It is 1:30PM, a day after the second impeachment bid against Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was killed. The scene at University of the Philippines’ (UP) Palma Hall is quiet: two female students sit along the sidewalk, where, an hour earlier, they were two of many who witnessed the burning of Arroyo’s effigy.

Oppositionists took to the streets on Friday, August 25, after 17 hours of debate and voting in Congress junked the latest impeachment bid against the president.

The Caravan for Truth and Justice assembled by the main gate of the House of Representatives beginning 9:30AM, before proceeding to Palma Hall in UP Diliman.

Opposition said they had plans to make the rounds to schools and universities, parading seven cargo boxes of evidence implicating Arroyo in election fraud, corruption and human rights violations which were ignored by the House.

Wala ng available na constitutional process kundi pumunta sa mga tao. Sumasagot lang kami sa mga request at appeal ng mga tao (to hear the truth),” said Taguig-Pateros Representative Allan Peter Cayetano during the weekly Bishop People’s Forum at St. Peter’s Parish in Quezon City, where the plans for the caravan were revealed.

Various opposition lawmakers and pro-impeachment leaders spoke to students and anti-Arroyo groups gathered inside Palma Hall.

The event culminated around 12:30PM outside along the steps of the hall where an effigy symbolizing Arroyo was burnt down.


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