Wednesday, October 18, 2006

On the eve of theology finals,
proof of my attention deficiency

HSCOPE:SCO: Things can’t
possibly get any worse
today. It feels like you’re
getting closer to a nervous
breakdown every minute.
Get a hold of yourself!

But she finds nothing in her hungry quest.
Instead she hears the raucous seagull’s cry
Which is a shriek beyond the rock-ribbed nest.
It mocks her as she crawls upon the sand—
The sidewise movement of the hermit crab

If one is sincere and careful in his spiritual life, in his effort to love and serve God, he is not likely to give full consent to the act of masturbation.

oh. wala na, deal breaker
na! :p

In a camouflage jacket he had not worn in years, Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay peered through the glass windows of his 21st floor office and watched his army of civilian supporters gathered below and chanting his name.

wala pa, mamaya pa akong
three pupunta

Masturbation that is regularly preferred despite the availability of moral opportunities for intercourse seems to indicate that the individual involved is operating out of a sexuality that has not been fully integrated.

no way! shit!

The political drama is being played out in the country’s financial capital, which has also been the scene of opposition protests against President Macapagal-Arroyo.

Am leaving now reaching
1pm. North park nlang.

There is light petting; other forms of petting are much more intense and they seem clearly designed for the purpose of moving the participants toward even greater sexual arousal.

martie mcfly,you doing
anything on your bday
week? kailangan magkikita
tayo ha,kasi may bibigay
ako sayo!

The juridical configuration of this impediment includes the following conditions: [a] the woman is abducted and detained against her will [only the abduction of a woman gives rise to this impediment]; [b] the abducting party does not have to be the man who is contemplating marriage with the abducted party; it could be some third party; it could even be that he is unaware of the abduction.

we can movie marathon!ü
basta matapos lang tong
linggong to.. raarrr. uy
martie,best of luck sa finals,
if you still have any! ü

Which Dylan saw on a deserted strand
And used as a metaphor in runes that throb
With life. Yes, this city is a pair of claws,
Creeping, crabbing with all its tragic flaws.

wait uwi muna ako

(Written in a twilight zone of text messages received, “Manila” by Federico Licsi Espino, theology class readings, and today’s Inquirer.)


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