Wednesday, November 22, 2006

In (Over)Due Time

LET it be known that by the time I turn 30 (21 po ako ngayon), I hope to be able to afford my first car (paid for using my own hard-earned cash; not a hand-me-down), which I hope to be a hybrid.

This entails many things.

This entails my being able to make a decent living without succumbing to the fields of nursing and outsourcing.

This entails hope out there for the romantics (katulad ko po) who would like to choose the struggling life of a writer.

This entails a local economy decent enough for working-class individuals to afford relatively pricy vehicles.

This entails a high enough demand for hybrids in a country that will hopefully be well enough to ship many of them in, which means the Filipino would have developed an authentic concern for the environment while heading towards the right direction economically.

And this entails environmentalism transcending, to a degree, bullshit like politics and greed (teka, same thing) which realistically (and sadly) won’t be completely eradicated from our culture in a mere nine years. (Nakakalungkot ang katotohanan.)

I’m aiming for the stars, hoping to land on the moon. Now it’s just a matter of will—my own, our country’s, our world’s. (Sugod mga kapwang Pinoy! Para sa bayan, para sa mundo.)


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