Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pictures from Marcee's Birthday

SINCE I started writing for Katipunan, I’ve always carried two things with me in my bag: my press pass and my camera.

Editors have a tendency to text you out of nowhere to cover some event; I figured I might as well let the Boy Scout in me shine through by being prepared.

The weird thing is that having my camera always seems to slip my mind when I’m out with friends. And I’ve never been good at keeping pictures of my experiences, relying too heavily perhaps on memory and a discipline to write those memories down in my journal.

But last night at Marcee’s birthday at Mag:net, I actually remembered I had a camera with me. (Joy!) For the record, contrary to what Didang says, I’m not a camera whore. At least not yet.

Not a very attractive picture. But this is why Cindy’s my drinking partner. This is a reenactment of sorts of our usual “counseling” sessions during those afternoons when melodrama creeps into our usually even-tempered heads.

Mrs. Custodio actually looked pretty annoyed when she saw Cindy with a bottle before H.O.S. went on stage. Cindy says it was no big deal. “Maybe she looks masungit lang.”

I’m quite comfortable and like hanging out with girls. That’s a big understatement. Just look at the picture. (Ang ganda talaga ng smile ni Korinne.) Not too shabby company.

Korinne (hard to appreciate the smile from a side-view) and Cindy. I don’t remember taking this picture. It must’ve been Gin.

There’s something utterly attractive about a girl who can handle a bottle or two without losing it.

On the flipside, nothing turns me off more than girls gone wild because of an insistence on cocktails with weird names served in prissy glasses which they only believe they can handle.

Me and my date, Ginny.

Cindy (thru text msg.): “My mom asked me if ‘ginny and martin are together’ =p”

Cindy (thru text msg.): “i think you and gin look better together. Bagay talaga eh

Paano na toh, Gin? Tayo na? (Joke.)

Last night was the first time I watched Jars Cristobal perform. He’s a former blockmate. Talented artist. Sayang wala na siya sa ‘teneo.

(Tito Rody Lacap makes a small cameo in the picture.)

The picture I took of Hymn of Siren's performance didn't come out well. Too dark. Disappointing.

Me and the birthday girl, Marcee. Mukhang 12 at 10. For the record: 21 and 20.

Happy birthday, Marcee!


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