Thursday, February 08, 2007

Humor Me, Hypocrisy

I like to say that hypocrisy is a funny thing. I find humor in things that truly make we want to kill somebody. I dismiss things with a simple smirk while I feel my head fuming and my jaw hurting from grinding my teeth together.

There’s been a lot of talk about global warming, as there should be. Many American politicians and Hollywood stars have made it the hip issue to shine the spotlight on. Al Gore became a movie star because of it. It became a star because of the attention brought by movie stars like Leonardo DiCaprio.

Still, the United States is the only world superpower that has yet to adhere to the Kyoto Protocol, which assigns mandatory limits on greenhouse gas emissions to those countries who have signed on. Many will point fingers at big business Republicans in explaining why the US never signed on. They say a Republican administration would never agree to something that may “threaten” the industries that back its top guns.

I’m not a big fan of Bush, Cheney, and the rest of them, but if my dates are right, the Kyoto Protocol was introduced in 1997. Clinton—superstar of the supposed environment-loving Democrats—was president. And Gore, whose been fighting for attention for this issue before anyone even knew of it, was the vice president.

Still, they didn’t sign on. They couldn’t get it done. I’m not blaming them, but it epitomizes the strength of the hypocrisy that prevails in this world. I’m not mad. Don’t you see my smirk?

The Philippines is a nation built by hypocrisy. On ANC yesterday afternoon was live coverage of another hearing in congress about Mike Arroyo’s bank accounts in Europe. A hearing of this sort has become just as regular as the passing of a bill.

As “global warming” has become the hip words in the States, the Philippines has its own staple of hip words: “graft,” “corruption,” and “good governance.” These words get tossed around by leaders like they actually care. Instead, never really confronting these words head-on has only further engrained the ugliness of their manifestations into our subconscious.

Please direct your attention to the first two aforementioned words: “graft” and “corruption.” They still echo all around you, don’t they? Now please direct your attention to the last term: “good governance.” Turn to ANC sometime this afternoon; force yourself to watch a few minutes of the hearings, then go outside your village and look at the squatters living by the service road. Good governance?

Hypocrisy. Reality versus rhetoric. Funny, isn’t it?

(Takes out a Tylenol.)


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