Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dedicated to Nonfic '07

As Fine Arts Fest 2007 comes to a close, it is time to pay tribute to certain individuals—fellow nonfictionists who’ve sort of played kuya and ate for this junior over the past few months.

There’s the reluctant celebrity who writes about real life through the lens of Frank Miller, another who continues to playfully tease me for reasons we both forgot, while another reminds me how much I suck at Filipino.

There’s the one who decided my face needed to be at their exhibit, another who reminds us all that it should be Ateneo we cheer for, and another whose work experience thus far will take me decades to emulate.

Can’t forget the one who named a pig Barnaby while believing in my thesis-reading ability, another whom I have gotten to know well and whose knack for expressing emotion leaves me mesmerized, and lastly the first I met among all of them, a fellow disciple of Queena who too has managed to fool judges in certain writing competitions.

To say that they took me along with them on their ride would be too much but I’m happy to represent a mini-stop they’ve swooped by on their way to the places they will find success and happiness in.

To the nonfictionists of ’07: CONGRATULATIONS!

You guys will be a tough act to follow for us in nonfic ’08.


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