Sunday, January 07, 2007

Thus Far

The first three days back from vacation have seen nothing but a bombardment of work. Midterms are this week; I’ve done little in the form of studying. In fact, I only looked at the thesis statements for my philosophy orals yesterday for the first time. We were given the statements before the Christmas break.

I still have more pages of script to write before tomorrow’s drama class. And there are 100 pages of dialogue I have to read for that class as well. I have to make my own art installation and write about it before Tuesday. And somewhere in the mess of it all, I’m supposed to get moving on the second general assembly of my fine arts batch.

I haven’t arrived home before 9PM yet this year, KATIPUNAN being the primary culprit. Wednesday was the regular editorial board meeting, Thursday was the first junior editorial board meeting (which ended past 9PM thus my missing the last LRT ride), and yesterday was a press I didn’t even know was scheduled.

Friday was my one chance to go home early this week. I left school promptly at 4:30PM, intentionally avoiding invites to gimmicks or calls for meetings. It was just past 5PM by the time I was on the ramp of the MRT. But as fate would have it, one of the trains had all of its passengers empty out to the Cubao station for reasons that elude me, causing a back log which I was a part of. It was past 6PM by the time I arrived in Makati—dead smack in the middle of rush hour. It was past 7PM by the time I managed to get a ride to our village, nearing 7:45PM by the time I reached the house.

I bought a planner this week—part of my resolution to be more organized (writing schedules and reminders on bits of scrap paper that will eventually be lost is pretty pathetic in the first place). The dates under the first month of ‘07 don’t look too kind. It’ll be a while until I’ll be going home while there are still semblances of sunset.

While a friend and I were catching up through text (seems like my social life is limited to this medium these days), I said to her that I was happy to get back into the full swing of things after a break spent in less-than-ideal conditions: at home with family, including some from the province. I told my friend, “Bring on the work!” Sometimes I say the stupidest things.

It's my parents' 24th wedding anniversary today. They both forgot. No comment.


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