Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dear someone,

Please don't change something just because you feel that you have to change something. If you think you've changed something because the original thing was wrong, well, I'm sorry, ma'am, YOU'RE wrong. (I've personally checked, ma'am.) And I speak from the standpoint of knowledge, competence, and a track record of success here ... just thought I'd remind you.

Taste also gives you no right to change things, ma'am, for if we talk of taste, I know plenty more--perhaps some even less competent--who still have a better palette.

Just allow me to be, ma'am, for by me being, I can take you and this thing places. And YOU'LL look like the genius, and I won't complain for one bit.

I'm in it for what I think are the right reasons--reasons selfless and noble. I've already had my 15 minutes, and I know I'm due for another 15 someday, even without all this and most especially you.

Respectfully but with a whole bunch of honesty,


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