Thursday, July 26, 2007

Senior Rambling

"Literature used to be my escape. But now I'm running away from it."

April said that. But I can relate.

I've been using Cinemalaya and the 3-for-100 promo at Dencio's across from the CCP as my most recent excuse for running away from anything to do with reading and writing. April has seen this first hand.

RJ was in town from Dumaguete; I found myself in Mag:net with him this week even if we were never that close to begin with.

Would've been back at Mag:net the following night when Sir Joel requested for an audience while he spinned; sadly, I ran out of money.

Editorial duties for KATIPUNAN has also played its role in keeping me distracted. Nothing like professionalism to get in the way of passion. (Though the politics of it have led to my wondering recently who I'm really working for in this org. Fuck it! Just keep delivering the goods.)

The most creative thing I've written over the past few weeks was a cheesy yearbook write-up at Audrey's request; I doubt that she'll even like it.

The Heights Workshop is this weekend and I've been invited to come and share in the writerly spirit of fellows and panelists; I find myself grappling between that or another three movies at the CCP (and another 3-for-100 after).

And I'm finding all the allotted time under the reading light in my room being taken away by stacks of history and philosophy things I have to go through (and understand) if I expect to graduate.

And that's where I was this morning, reading about the peasant unrest over the elite landlords of Nueva Ecija in the '40s, when Sir Larry Ypil, thesis adviser, called me on my cell, wanting to talk about my thesis.

We hung up after an agreed-upon 1:30PM meeting tomorrow and a recommendation to study up on two writers that "would interest me" (John McPhee and someone else). Then came three texts from him in less than three minutes:

"Can you bring a printout of two of your essays ... I'm interested in the kind of language you use in your work. And your tone."

[beep beep, beep beep]

"And list of favorite authors and books. I want to figure out where you're coming from aesthetically... and politically. hehe"

[beep beep, beep beep]

"and vs naipaul!"

Shit, I need to get my act together! Thesis! Thesis! Thesis!

[beep beep, beep beep]

"Guys dinner-inuman at my house tom, around 830?"

That text was from Cindy. She's supposed to be worried about her thesis too. But give her a break; it's her birthday tomorrow. (Meaning more escapism for me.)


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