Thursday, August 02, 2007

Of the 13th Ateneo-Heights Writers Workshop

(1) Congrats to the fellows: Zoe Dulay (CW represent!), Marie La Vina (English co-staffer; Duma, UP, and now Heights--Wasak!), Tim Villarica (English staff veteran returns to writing), Jason Tabinas (Filipino staff, IYAS alum), Anne Calma (Filipino staff, cheerleader turned poet turned cheerleader turned fictionist), and Kat Alvarez (managing editor, nag-creative nonfic!).

Sorry, I only know coursemates and fellow old Heightsers. But congrats as well to the others.

(2) Congrats to workshop director at (ehem) matalik kong kaibigan Audrey Trinidad. Sorry wasn't able to deliver certain promises. But it was a success anyway, right? (How'd you find the write-up?)

(3) Congrats to editor in chief at kapatid ko sa sining mula sa Ateneo FA dep JPaul Marasigan. May boses pala 'to! Hahaha. (Oo, kumanta si bossing!)

(4) Thanks to April and Nikay for getting lost in Lagro with me and chipping in for the P260 cab ride. Thanks to Drew for driving us back to Katipunan on Monday.

(5) Arrived on Sunday, the last day of workshop proper, just in time to see Ma'am Beni Santos and Sir Larry have a mini debate (using their different sensibilities) about Marie's poem, which serves as the inspiration behind the form of this enumerated blog entry.

(6) Note to fellows' night organizers Fidelis (English editor) and Francis (special projects manager): It's hard to organize a poetry reading kung walang ilaw. Candles can only do so much.

(7) Fellows and Heightsers spent the last night drinking in dorm rooms, the last ones awake finally calling it a night at 4AM. A familiar concept. (Pero mas malaki yung rooms sa Occi.)

(8) Someone gave me a bottle of red wine. I didn't have anything to open it with. That was the workshop's horror story.

(9) The last night was the only night they drank. (Together now minotaurs: "Ano?!")

(10) I asked Zoe yesterday how she felt a couple of days after the workshop. She said that she misses everyone.

"But it was only four days," I said.

"Yeah, but all we did was hang out with each other."

Nagiisip ako. May naalaala.

"Try three weeks."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

aw, everyone was so fun, i'm bound to miss them! haha :p


8:09 PM  
Blogger M.V. said...

lahat naman sila ateneans, zoe. campus isn't that big. haha.

fuck europe. duma ka na next summer.

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

true, but we all have different schedules. but it's not the i-can't-live-without-them kind of missing. it hardly is, right? it's more of the i-miss-the-tawanan kind of missing. BTW. kelan tayo iinom (ice-water lang po ako) with april and nikay?
and as for duma, HILAW (not hinog haha) pa my stuff eh.


2:47 PM  
Blogger michelle said...


6:34 PM  
Blogger M.V. said...

nostalgic, isn't it?

argh ... emo.

fuck it.


11:02 PM  

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