Sunday, August 05, 2007

Thesis Essay Para Sa Mga Tamad

Why this form?

Creative nonfic ba ang ibig sabihin mo? Balikan ko ang isang pseudo-debate between Sasha and I earlier this year...

"And what is it that you do?"

"I write stories."

"Isn't nonfiction a story told, only the stuff really happened?"

"Where's the creativity in that? We create our own world…"

"Where's the courage in that? Hiding behind imaginative worlds…"

"Who says we're hiding?"

"All work—fiction included—is biographical."

"Are you saying that the story about the girl who runs away to fight monsters is a true story?"

"Are you saying that the sense of inadequacy consuming that girl, making her run away from an abusive home to fight the only thing that exists that's more frightening than her family isn't true?"


"How conceited of you to only write about yourself!"

"How plastic of you to do so and hide it behind make-believe!"

"That's not being plastic…that's creativity."

"If I wasn't creative, why would anyone in this godforsaken world even give a damn about a 21-year-old of a fuck?"




"Me too."

"Then what do you have to say about poets?"

"They're all talented motherfuckers."

What have you done with this form?

Fooled judges into giving me some award.

Who are your writing Gods?

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. (Sabay-sabay ang lahat: "ULUL!!!")

Side story: Sir Larry asked for a list of my favorite authors and books. Upon glancing over the names, he commented, "You're such a guy." He would later say that he's been reading a lot of lesbian writers lately.

What are some issues you have encountered?

Wala-sa-mood syndrome.

How did you respond?

Gumagawa ng mood. (Labo!)

What are some of your themes?

Silences. The relevance of them. The meanings of them.

Noises. The bullshit by them. The insincerity behind them.

What is your advocacy?

World peace. (Is there such thing as a cliche joke?)

Why do you write?

Malay ko. Pa-cool lang siguro ako.

**I reassure my thesis adviser, thesis class teacher, and the Ateneo CW program that I'm taking my thesis seriously. Just getting in the mood with this. I guess.


Blogger Sasha Martinez said...

Hi, Martin. :)

2:44 PM  
Blogger M.V. said...

btw, our pseudo-debate is the opening passage of my academic paper for thesis.

seriyoso yun.

not being "sarcastic". (apir!)

sana maayos buhay mo sa "ust".

8:07 AM  

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