Thursday, August 23, 2007

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KATIPUNAN August 2007: In Search of Security

Talk of an Act aimed at protecting Filipinos has got us thinking about the concept of security. At a time when villains come in many forms, and the ways one can fight back are as plenty as the excuses to run away, we wonder where things stand in a culture deadlocked at the crossroad of fear and defiance.

To define security is to say who one wants to protect, to shield, to keep safe -- himself, his family, his friends, his community, his people, a nation.

To define security is also to acknowledge who or what one wants to be protected from -- terror and suspicion, struggle and poverty, perception and doubts, indifference and indolence, boundaries and limits.

And to define security is to admit what one values most -- peace and privacy, truth and transcendence, creativity and inspiration, today and most especially tomorrow.

This August, KATIPUNAN explores the various ways security is defined -- in light of global terrorism, local oppression, the attacks of perception, the boxing by the mainstream, and the uncertainty of the future -- and how the different persons in society have worked to maintain their own individual and collective security, to protect what and who they hold most dear.

In Search of Security: Cracking the Safeguards
By Angeli C. Alba and Carmina C. Reyes
An investigation of the law that is supposed to grant the nation a sense of security, and why some sectors believe this law and its goals to be two disparate things

Global Filipino Image
By Martin Villanueva and Trish Elamparo
What should Filipinos make of the headlines and reports in the international media which have led to the grim depiction of our country?

A New Ecosystem Emerges
By Al Agassiz D. Dela Torre
A look into the discovery that could possibly curb global warming

The Man Behind Chikka
By Al Agassiz D. Dela Torre
The business side of technology, a man and his Web company, and how they try to do things in service of families

Defying Definitions
By Xela Ann Marie Avilla and April Sescon
Veteran indie filmmakers Khavn dela Cruz and John Torres expound on the experience of the experimental film

Mainstream to Indie
By Xela Ann Marie Avilla
An Ateneo alumnus and ABS-CBN scriptwriter recounts her journey from writing commercial entertainment to directing her Cinemalaya entry Still Life

Remembering a River's Flow
By Michelle Bugante and Ma. Lourdes N. Colinares
A return to the waters where Rizal in his novels pours his grief over the oppression of the Filipino

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