Sunday, August 26, 2007

Of Last Week

Monday. Kamukha ni Sheng ang kapatid niya. Kamukha ni Mia yung girl sa bar -- uy, siya pala yun!

Tuesday. Nikay studying in the lib? Martin studying?

Wednesday. Masarap pala yung sisig at tempura sa House of Bulalo. Masarap din yung Red Horse dun.

Thursday. Ate Jho sends pictures of her new baby girl (pamangkin number-something). I didn't even know she was pregnant.

Friday. There are people I know with the nerve to yell shit at me from the back of a trike. I have the nerve to accept another student's interview request.

Saturday. 5AM, just got home -- sadly, moments end. 10AM, just got to school -- obviously, sleepy.

Sunday. Young, siga gang members carry guns to the church in our village. A sleepy guard patrols around the parking area, carrying tons in his gut, his left shoe untied.


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