Monday, August 20, 2007

Birthday ni Nikay

Edboard meeting a few weeks ago. Discussing concerns for our August issue. Our cover story, with sound sources, good insight -- which makes me happy -- was missing the visual element.

Creative director Charz thinks of a way to work around the problem. Head photographer Nikay steps up.

"I took pictures of the rally in UP."

"We can use those," I suggest.

Charz turns to Nikay, "From those pics, do you have any art shots?"

Nikay retorts, "All my shots are art."

(Yahoo! Palakpak! Na-aliw yung gagong assoc editor sa sagot.)


Happy Birthday, 'Kay!

(Inom. Chowking after.)


Haiku for the birthday girl who tries to write captions as haikus:

caption at corner.
five-seven-five syllables.
caption as haiku.

(This is why I don't let people read my poetry.)


Blogger Nikay said...

Yehey! :-)

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