Tuesday, November 06, 2007

KATIPUNAN: Expression Expansion

About the Issue

We believe in expression -- the expression of joy and sadness, of contentment and of anger.

We believe in the expression of faith, and the celebration of God with customs one feels the strongest affinity to, like Christians finding solace in a Buddhist temple.

We believe in the expression of progress, that it leads to ingenious inventions and beneficial innovations, like the solar-powered jeepney.

We believe in the expression of discontent, more so if an alternative is also presented, exemplified by a simple on-campus issue like a proposed dress code.

We believe in the expression of loyalty, and proving that one is worthy, but only if other loyalties are not trampled on, and only if the institutions in question are worthy of one's proving himself, issues brought to our attention by the tragedy of Cris Mendez and the alleged involvement of fraternities in his death.

This October is essentially our art issue, and with it we explore the concept of expression -- its limitations, its strengths, and where it can still be pushed, given sincerity in intent, to achieve a transcendental level of honesty.

And we view art as a language of expression that helps us to not only crystallize realities, but also question them, and maybe even change them for the better.

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Included in the issue...

Zoe Dulay and April Sescon write about the Ateneo Art Awards and how "the most prestigious award for an emerging artist in the Philippines" seeks to advocate modern art, and how art is expanding itself and the language used to express the experience of man.

Martin Villanueva and April Sescon on award-winning writer Alvin Yapan, his venture into filmmaking, and his award-winning short film, Rolyo.

Mina Reyes investigates fraternities, their practices, and their relevance in light of controversies about questionable initiation rites which allegedly led to Cris Mendez' death.

Isel Garcia and Glee de Guzman visit the Leng Sian Kiong Temple and look into Buddhism and why even Christians are burning incense before the altar of Buddha.


EIC Aeli Alba asks what now? after the Erap verdict

I (memoir)ize about frats, the nation, and lost ideologies

April (from the Ateneo Fine Arts Program) shares her frustrations about art -- specifically on campus

and Head photog Nikay Paredes focuses on the Burning Man ("When we are strong enough to destroy what we are able to help create, a new kind of beauty emerges.")


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