Monday, December 03, 2007

Journalism courses in my university...

...are flawed, or maybe the stuff's just not getting into students' head. Paterno, a sign of hope. He'll boss me around some day. Leadership hindered by competence, or lack there of. Competence hindered by responsibility, or lack there of. Responsibility hindered by common sense, or lack there of. Respect not needed in the face of professionalism. It's hard drawing on the last statement when belief is waning. Paterno, a sign of hope. He'll boss me around some day. Or maybe it will be Ma'am Beni; meeting with her Wednesday. Or Sir Rock; Mag:net might need younger waiters. Or the manager in McDo; they might want to paste articles on Go Big Time cups. Quarter Pounder with Cheese Value Meal now less than P100. The patty goes beyond the edges of the bun. Dry. They sucked out the juice to make the damn thing cheaper. What kind of principles are those? Can't work for a company like that. Paterno. He'll boss me around some day. And I'll boss around some people too. Let's hope they're as loyal as those under me now. I'm meeting some of them later. Cindy wants a beer. I type with my eyes drooping. Twelve hours of sleep last night. Meaning twelve hours of sleep in the last two days. It's 9:43 says the clock on the screen. Time is a lie for too many. 4pm no longer means 4PM, 6PM doesn't mean 6PM, 8PM doesn't mea--you get the point. Days are a lost concept. Wednesday night haggled to Saturday morning. Even then, nothing. Now two pages means five. And majority vote is lost to taste. Cuz I say so. Bosses lose sense of reason, ask for unearned trust. Debt resolved by lesser chance of profit. Sanity all but gone. Edit means rewrite. Independence hinders practicality. Rational thought lost to romance. Cuz I say so. Student paper released last week. A juiceless burger for P99. Paterno, a sign of hope. He'll boss me around some day. Or maybe that Fil-Lit guy who runs the other mag. (Yes, this is/was a rant.)


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