Thursday, July 31, 2008

Who's your audience?

Interesting: When asked who he believes his audience is, if he has an ideal audience, & whether or not this plays into the writing of his poetry, Vince Serrano said he looks at it as having 2 groups/levels of audience. The 1st are the individuals/friends that make up his poet-colleagues, so to speak, w/ whom he exchanges ideas/critiques/insights w/ on a fairly regular basis. The 2nd is the larger audience, w/c stretches beyond the confines of Philippine readers & even those who are still living ("conversing w/ history"), & speaks of a lasting quality, perhaps -- a work-speaks-for-itself intention that we should all strive for in our writing.

Thanks again, Vince, for being our 2nd in-class workshop guest panelist this past week.

And congrats on the Europe gig! Quiapo farewell tour na 'to!

This Saturday's in-class workshop features personal essayist extraordinaire & my predecessor in this crazy gig of mine Rica Bolipata-Santos. Sit-in anyone?

(Photo conveniently stolen from BJ Patino's Flickr.)

* * *

Spilled coffee incident update: I now have a perpetual ant problem at my desk. My co-worker told me that before I got to work yesterday, there were even ants coming out of my laptop. Argh.

* * *

Perpetually late greetings:

Happy Birthday, Yaps (July 24)!

Happy Birthday rin sa partner-in-crime Cindy (July 27)!


Blogger chibihayate said...

Nina here. You say that ants are coming up from your laptop right? I suppose this means that you tend to eat while typing or surfing on your laptop?

Find someone who can help you clean the keyboards of your laptop. Then resolve not to eat in front of the laptop so that crumbs won't fall off the keyboards. Or get an accessory that protects keyboards from those crumbs.

I hope this tip helps in having an ants-free laptop. (Never mind that what I am saying is one month late.) You're better off doing something more meaningful than worrying about ants on laptops.

P.S. The letter that Jerome to you earlier about being stuck in a job that you do not like really hits the nail.

10:57 AM  

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