Monday, April 24, 2006

Ball’s in your court now, bitch!

Yesterday, the Cavite State University’s graduation ceremonies became a quite a mess. GMA being the guest speaker, a mass-com student made sure her personal disgust in the president was made known by shouting “Patalsikin si Gloria!” during the president’s speech while holding up a red banner that said NO TO CHA-CHA. Then members of two separate social organizations/unions who were amongst the crowd started chanting, as well.

Imagining GMA’s face amidst all of this brings a smile to my face.

Take that, bitch!

But seriously, there are two bitches in this story.

I’m all about making opinions known. I look forward to the day that I can go one-on-one with GMA (not in a rally but personally face-to-face) to tell her just exactly how I feel about the bullshit she does.

But this student in Cavite didn’t think this thing through.

True enough, many of her fellow graduates aren’t happy. True, many of them agree with her stand on GMA, but for them, a personal milestone in their lives—GRADUATION—was upstaged by politics!

If this mass-com student truly wanted to make a statement, she should have started a movement long before graduation to raise hell amongst the school’s admin for allowing a president they don’t like to speak in their graduation.

That’s a statement that the entire student body can be proud of. And it wouldn’t taint their graduation day.

But as it turned out, because of the brash act of an individual (who I still can’t help but commend, ironically), the entire graduating batch had to go through the disgrace of being frisked before going up on stage to get their diplomas from GMA (which is already a disgrace to begin with).

But the girl, the mass-com student, did what she felt she needed to do. The conviction was there. Kulang lang siguro sa proper channeling. Unfortunately, though she can live with her own acts, others who weren’t supposed to be affected by the acts were still hurt by them in the end.

That makes her a bitch.


But my respect for her is still there.

Now she has to go on and stand by her conviction—doing so by taking her diploma and translating it to a successful career, while being a disciplined citizen, and eventually becoming a good wife and mother.

The ball’s in her court.

If she succeeds in her own life, her acts yesterday become a moment of well-intended brashness. If she fails, her acts on her graduation day become the epitome of a pathetic life.

11:47am Saturday 22 April 06


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