Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hypocrisy, Ironies, and Real Families

SADLY, this is a vague retelling of a true story that’s a little too familiar and a little too close to home.

The loving nature of family is a concept some asshole made up centuries ago before family ugliness and destruction was perceived to be more than physical abuse.

(Let A = a husband and father; washed-up corporate type whose success earlier in his life seems like so long ago.

Let B = the ninong; a born hustler as opposed to businessman; rich because of real estate.)

A is still doing OK despite not having held a job in awhile. A criticizes B’s managing ability and B’s grasp on customer service—relating it to B’s provincial upbringing—despite the fact that B’s condominiums throughout Metro Manila are always at full capacity.

A few years later, A’s not doing so well anymore. Loans and loan interests spiral A’s economic situation out of control. Desperate—if not hypocritical—A goes to B for help because despite B’s supposed poor, provincial-style business savvy, B’s still rich.

B, because of his being the ninong, offers A a deal that would take A out of the economical rut he and his family is in. The offer is supposedly made out of love. A shows off the love and generosity of his ninong.

The next day, after consulting other family members within the banking industry, B backs out of the deal he had offered A. A is disappointed. A reverts back to his critical views of B. B is now the hypocrite, says A.


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