Sunday, December 10, 2006

Saturday Scorpio Story

HSCOPE:SCO: Try not to go
heads up against an
authority figure. Otherwise,
you might end up winning
the argument but losing out
on your career.

I read this message on my phone while I was on the MRT on my way to December’s press. I was going to spend a good part of my day with “authority figures,” or at least those higher in rank than me in the magazine. Such rather menially pathetic omens merited my constant pondering.

So as the hours in our makeshift pub room went by, I skipped back and forth between quietness and pleasantly safe jokes. Every time a suggestion needed to be made, the six lines of the text horoscope nibbled away at me. In fact, I found myself giving more comments and suggestions to the Art & Lifestyle Editor as oppose to my editor in News & Current Affairs. I figured I couldn’t get in much trouble bothering a girl I don’t even answer to.

By the time press was over—this is something like 8PM—I thought my tongue-biting self was home free. Not so. I was asked to accompany my editor and the Operations Manager to sell our November issue at an alumni homecoming.

We’re talking 10 or so hours since I had received the horoscope. It was getting late. It was raining. I was dead-ass tired from mostly waiting instead of editing. And we didn’t even have the credentials to enter the event. Just imagine three youngsters dressed in slippers and denims looking lost in a sea of professionals who had graduated from college some twenty years ago.

Nevertheless, the three of us bonded, got to know a little bit more of our lives outside of work. I suppose with comfort comes honesty, so my criticisms of the magazine began to spill out. The Operations Manager had my back; she too had numerous concerns and was willing to put them out there. The News Editor—my boss—remained relatively quiet, as if somewhat taken aback. (My arguments were valid—shit, am I losing out on my career? Or am I just paranoid?) Good thing our rather talkative Marketing Director showed up; he made sure I had nothing more to say.

We called it a night at 11. I left the group in search for something to bring my day to close on a high note. Mag:net Café. Hymn of Siren revealed their new guitarist—the hot one I’ve been praying for them to get. Cindy got me in for free. (I’m with the band—hanep!) Korinne was there too. Two bottles downed. Nothing like music, beauty, and booze to set a paranoid mind at ease.


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