Sunday, December 24, 2006

Commitment to Christmas

I HAD the profound explanation all figured out. I formulated it while waiting in line for cabs, while sitting in the LRT, while going through the motions. I absorbed the feeling of frustration of those around me, ignoring the ones who were actually happy and carrying shopping bags with gift wrappers sticking out, ignoring theories like extraordinarily hot weather for December.

I came out with the following: Whereas before Filipinos caught up in the daily grind of work would find any reason—like Christmas—to rid themselves of frustration, to momentarily cleanse themselves of the cutthroat, third-world reality, Filipinos in 2006 are too exhausted to even attempt to revive any semblance of Christmas cheer because of the daily grind which has seemingly been tougher due to the country’s situation.

But then I told a friend, Audrey, through text, after interviewing her for an article due the day after Christmas incidentally: “if ur one of d few I know who actually feels d christmas spirit,let me in on d secret.”

She replied: “Ts a choice,martin,a choice to feel d spirit of christmas! Im too old to bliev in jst plain feelings.Thos r 2 mercurial.Decisions hav mre dpth nd cmitment to it.”

Sounds less romantic, more pragmatic if anything, but perhaps such is the mindset one must truly have during the holiday season.

So I’ve come to conclude that despite the fact that I have to edit a bunch news articles on the 24th and 25th, despite the fact that economic difficulties have cancelled the family tradition of a grand Christmas feast, despite the fact that there are people I care for who aren’t in the best of places emotionally right now, I will make the conscious decision to not only feel but perpetuate the Christmas spirit.

A Blessed and Merry Christmas to all!
Photos - Wednesday 20 December. Shakey's, Katipunan.
Christmas lunch of the original disciples of Father Javellana of '08.

Seated, left to right: Dru, Gin, Cindy (sort of sitting), Leigh, Ina (all the way from Naga), Lester, Japs, Me. Standing, left to right: Marcee, Cindy (sort of standing), Carmel, Lee, Kelloggs. Also there: Xander and Dru's girlfriend, Bianca (both taking pictures), as well as JC, Angelle, and Edsel (all came late).



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