Sunday, December 17, 2006

It has sort of been a week of reunions…

THE book launch of Magis volume 2: writings on learning, striving & serving, reunited various members of Queena Lee-Chua’s creative nonfiction class of a couple of semesters ago.

Quite a few had contributions to the book. We all asked each other to autograph our copies of the book, which is weird if not funny because my involvement with the project is a mere couple of mentions in the preface.

It was nice to catch up with everyone.

Bernice Mendoza is now studying at the UP Law School, and so is JV La Chica.

Miko Samson’s taking up law at the Ateneo Law School and Jacy Sim is currently working as a copywriter.

EJ Gamboa and Alex Taylor are of course graduating in a couple of months. EJ’s currently the Sports Editor of The Guidon and President of the Loyola Mountaineers and Alex is busy with her thesis and her involvement with the Loyola Film Circle.

As juniors, Angeli Aquino, Cindy, and I can still delay the after-graduation stuff and senior thesis stress.

We workshopped these contributions in class and I can’t wait to read everyone’s published drafts. I bought four copies of the book—three for Christmas gifts and one for myself.


AMICA brought Justin on campus Wednesday afternoon. He’s still studying in film school but has recently moved back to the Katipunan area with his two sisters studying in Diliman.

It had been a while since we’ve all hung out together so Amica, Justin, Liana, and I took advantage and skipped whatever we had that afternoon just to sit around for an hour.

High school is not a physical place, a campus—somewhere that you eventually forget to visit. High school is a state, an emotional place one returns to with others who have shared in that past which has allowed everyone to become the persons they are today.

To relive or to try to rekindle a bit of the old days becomes a menial, almost childish thing, for when you’ve grown up together, simply sitting on a college bench talking about the stupidest things becomes an uplifting experience. It’s uplifting in the spirit the others’ presence reciprocates with your own because of the past you’ve shared and the important years you’ve stood side-by-side through.

The emotional state of “high school” just kicks in whenever, wherever, for as much as many of us have changed years later, the spirit of the bond holds a certain permanence.
Photos - Intramuros with Father Javellana, Ginny, and Cindy.


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Hey, you owe me an autograph too.

How lucky of you to get to go on tour with Fr. J. That's something I would've loved to do.

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