Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Creative Nonfic Tidbit of the Day

A personal essay is written about a persona's losing a friend. The friend just disappears, and the persona doesn't look for him, doesn't fight for him.

A comment is made about the end being anti-climactic, how we (or the person making the comment) is disappointed at the persona for not chasing the lost friend.

A professor comments, "Isn't it interesting how if we judge the piece as a story, it's somewhat of a let-down in the end?"

He continues, "Perhaps it speaks of how the expectations from a narrative in nonfic is less, as long as the demand for significant insight is met."

A student replies, "It could be thought of in that way, that the expectations from a narrative in nonfic is less than that in fiction.

"But maybe in general, and especially in the case of this particular essay, it's because the dramatics of chasing after someone never really happens.

"Maybe it's just more real to have these people disappear. And for you to not do anything."

The professor responds, "Sabagay. That's why they call it fiction. Make believe. It never happens."



Blogger Nikay said...


Mag-Chowking nalang tayo.

5:15 PM  
Blogger M.V. said...

kaso lang walang chowking sa katipunan.

pa-deliver tayo sa press. :)

9:02 PM  

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