Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Post-Press Times

News: Making Sense of Security

In case you missed RockEd Radio's discussion on it tonight, be assured of the fact that KATIPUNAN investigates the Human Security Act in the soon-to-be-released August issue.

The article, written by Aeli Alba and Mina Reyes, isn't as funny as Lourd De Veyra (sadly) nor does it feature comments from Karl Roy (unfortunately), but it's informative, insightful, and it'll be waiting for you to read it anytime without you having to worry about missing an 8PM radio program.

Among the names starring, co-starring, or making cameos in the pages of the issue: Mar Roxas, Jamby Madrigal, Juan Ponce Enrile, Randy David, GMA, MLQIII, JV Rufino, Marites Vitug, Gelo Suarez, Khavn, John Torres, Katski Flores, Ron Capinding, Jose Rizal, Boy Higad, Angel Aquino, and the gangsta rappers of Tondo.

KATIPUNAN August '07: In Search of Security -- coming soon. With (Memoir)izing in Filipino in observation of Buwan ng Wika.

Business / Art: Radioactive Cans, Microchipped Bottles

From "Product Packages Now Shout to Get Your Attention"
By Louise Story
The New York Times

In the last 100 years, Pepsi had changed the look of its can, and before that its bottles, only 10 times. This year alone, the soft-drink maker will switch designs every few weeks.

Kleenex, after 40 years of sticking with square and rectangular boxes, has started selling tissues in oval packages.

Coors Light bottles now have labels that turn blue when the beer is chilled to the right temperature. And Huggies’ Henry the Hippo hand soap bottles have a light that flashes for 20 seconds to show children how long they should wash their hands.

Consumer goods companies, which once saw packages largely as containers for shipping their products, are now using them more as 3-D ads to grab shoppers’ attention.

Evian is among the marketers using packaging to add a sense of luxury to ordinary products — its new “palace bottle” water, for example, is being sold in restaurants and hotels. The bottle has an elegant swanlike neck and sits on a small silver tray. Technology is also driving the changes — like the thermochromatic ink in the Coors label that changes the color of the label’s mountains with the temperature of the beer bottle.

And in the next few years, Pepsi drinkers may smell a sweet aroma that is sprayed out when they pop open Pepsi cans — such as a wild cherry scent misting from a Wild Cherry Pepsi can. Executives at the company have also considered cans that can spray a light water mist when they are opened, but they are unlikely to add that feature soon because of the cost, they say.

Some companies are studying technology to put a computer chip and tiny speaker inside a package. This idea might be particularly useful for big companies like Unilever that want to cross-promote their various brands. So a package of cheese could say “I go well with Triscuit crackers” when a shopper takes it off the shelf. As the costs of the chips come down, marketing executives said this and other technologies would appear more on shelves.

All these packaging makeovers may make trips to the grocery stores more entertaining. Or the result could be confusion, if not downright annoyance.

Sports: Reunited, It Don't Feel So Good

Years before Wade, back when Kobe was still in high school, Shaq's partner outside the paint was one Penny Hardaway.

This was before some coach decided it best to move the 6'7" point guard to the 2, forcing him to be a scorer, before the knees buckled and the weight increased, back when he and a puppet lookalike rivaled "nice guy" Grant Hill as the most visible NBA stars in TV commercials.

Shaq and Penny had a few decent runs in Orlando, the peak being their being swept in the '95 Finals by Houston. But then they split up.

Shaq went on to LA, won three rings with Kobe, then to Miami for another ring with Wade. Penny faded to obscurity, part of teams we'd be hard-pressed to remember -- Phoenix (pre-Nash), New York (post-Ewing), and back to Orlando (albeit for five days).

Well, 36-year-old Penny signed with Miami this week, reuniting him with Shaq who The New York Times reported was unavailable for comments. I guess stars rarely say anything about elderly additions to the bench.

Health / Paranoia: I Got It From My HP

"I don't feel too good."

"You get enought sleep?"

"Not really. I'm running on two hours."

"Where'd you go drinking this time?"

"No, wasn't drinking."

"What was on TV?"

"Cable's busted."

"So what were you doing?"

"Finishing the first draft of my thesis -- 73 pages."

"Oh, so you're stressed."

"Not really."

"Then why you sick?"

"I don't know. Must've got it from my printer."

"Is Your Printer Making You Sick?"
By Coco Masters

A recent Australian study will have you thinking twice about waiting for those printouts — not for the sake of the paper, but for your health. In the small study, published in the Aug. 1 issue of Environmental Science and Technology, researchers found that nearly 30% of the 62 printers they tested — including laser printers from Canon, HP, Toshiba and Ricoh — emitted high levels of ultrafine toner particles, which were potentially as hazardous as cigarette smoke. In one Brisbane office, the authors found, the concentration of particulate matter per square inch was five times higher during working hours than nonworking hours, and about 3.5 times higher inside than outside, where a freeway ran 130 yards from the building.


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